Storage Containers Virginia and their Multiple Uses

Storage Containers Virginia and their Multiple Uses

Beyond the conventional use of storing large or small items, storage containers have manifold uses including refrigerated storage and even modification to make an environmentally friendly/ green/ home (often out of 2 or more containers).

Storage Containers VirginiaAt Consolidated Container Systems in Virginia, we specialize in helping our customers find the equipment that's right for their needs. We're easy to deal with and can ship your order to just about anyplace you like in the world.

Be sure and give Bill Garvey a call at 757-494-8150 with any questions you have- chances are, our over 30 years of experience in the business will allow us to recommend the most appropriate shipping container choice for your needs!

Storage Containers Virginia and the CCS Difference

It's a smart idea to deal with a company like ours because we make sure you get a container that is in cargo worthy shape and that is also aesthetically pleasing. The last thing you want is a dented and rusty container that leaks- so always deal with experienced professionals. Our containers are the opposite of an eye sore!

Some folks use our units for one time transportation and choose to keep the equipment close at hand to store the item semi permanently. If you have a collection of motorcycles and don't have room for a conventional garage, our units make great places to work on your Harley or whatever your hobby might be. Fitment with electricity is available to have power for lights and electric heaters.

Storage Containers Virginia

Another use is a full conversion into a home. Combining more than one can make for a cost effective home. This is gaining in popularity, as evidenced from the main character in the movie Tron: Legacy converted container dwelling.

Storage Containers Virginia and Thinking Outside the "Box"

Since the uses for one of our containers are basically endless, we can suggest a unit that will do what you want- our 30+ years of experience providing storage containers Virginia area businesses with their storage needs have shown us just about every possible use.

But that doesn't mean you won't have a need we've never heard before- call Bill at 757-494-8150 to find out what we can do for you!

Beyond using storage containers as an actual domicile, some folks literally put their whole lives in one of these. For example, folks who move regularly for their job may have their belongings shipped inside and keep the unit handy for the next move. This option really beats the heck out of hiring movers every few months or years!

Here's a link to some basic information on storage containers Virginia

Here are a few of the most popular containers we offer here at CCS in Virginia Beach:

  • Flat Racks

  • 20 Foot

  • 40 Foot

  • Chassis

  • Refrigerated Storage Containers

Storage Containers Virginia and Keeping Cool

Speaking of refrigeration, this is one of the most popular modifications and is especially useful to those in the food service industry. Cold storage that's affordable and reposition-able works perfectly for many folks.

Actually, any business that needs cold storage will find this option attractive. You don't always have the time, resources or inclination to add a new permanent structure to your location, which makes this an extremely attractive option for cash conscious business people.

Another of the most common uses for a shipping container is as a semi permanent office that can me moved from site to site. This is most often the case for construction companies who may need to have something easily movable to use on the next job.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of what can be done, so we'd love to have you call us here at 757-494-8150. Consolidated Container Systems in Virginia Beach has the storage containers Virginia residents need!