Shipping Container Homes Virginia

Shipping Container Homes Virginia

If you've been thinking about storage container homes and you're in the Virginia area, Consolidated Container Systems is the place to be!

We're ready to serve you with a large selection of in stock shipping containers as well as other equipment, including:

  • Chassis of various sizes

  • Bomb carts

  • Forklifts

  • Crane service

You don't have to be overly concerned about recycling to want to save a few bucks and storage containers are a great way to do just that! Easy on the environment and equally easy on your wallet in comparison to traditional solutions- that's what container homes offer.  Here's a little extra information about shipping container homes Virginia residents can use to construct their own dwelling.

Shipping Container Homes Virginia Residents Can use to Save Money and the Environment

Shipping Container Homes VirginiaAt CCS, we have the experience to find the storage solution that's best for you- since 1982 we've been providing individuals, businesses and government agencies with high quality containers. We'd be proud to put our talent to work for you!

In addition to sales and leasing of containers, we can ship your container just about anyplace you like and our prices are competitive with our competition.

Have unique needs?  Read our list of suggestions for first time buyers of shipping containers.

Call Bill Garvey today at 757-494-8150 and find out how easy and inexpensive it can be to make your next home or workshop/ storage shed from shipping containers.

Shipping Container Homes Virginia : The Green Solution

Back to building a home from one of our units, it's really a snap. Of course, the container(s) you choose will need modification to suit your needs. We can quickly and easily walk you through the steps in choosing.

First you'll need to decide what size you'd like to have and then we'll tell you how many units you'll need altogether.

Then, electrical service and other modifications will be made according to your specifications. From there, we just need to have the units shipped to your chosen location for setup.

One of the huge advantages to homes like this, aside from being purely environmentally and financially conscious, these units aren't going to require a foundation to be poured. That saves not only time and money but aggravation, because moving your container is simple and easy should you decide you prefer a different area than originally planned.

In addition, these units won't collect moisture or build up mildew and are largely fireproof due to their metal construction.

Want to see some really imaginative ideas?  Check out this batch of shipping container homes Virginia residents!

As we stated elsewhere on this site, it's important to deal with an experienced company who stands behind what they sell. Let our 30+ of experience work for you!

CCS, located in Virginia Beach, services the local area as well as conducting business with folks from around the country.

Here are some of the areas we service in the Virginia area:

  • Newport News

  • Portsmouth

  • Norfolk

  • Richmond

  • Williamsburg

So if you plan to build shipping container homes Virginia is home to the experienced team at CCS, so keep us in mind. It's free to ask and you might just be surprised to find that we can meet your needs for storage, shipping and cargo containers as well as units for green housing and come up with the solution that works best for your particular needs.

Be sure to stop by or call Bill at 757-494-8150 today, or use our handy Contact Form to get us by email.